Nike Football + Master Speed: Dribble Da Vaca

What does dribble da vaca mean exactly in soccer? Essentially, it’s a dribbling move that’s all about tricking your defender.

What a legendary player Robinho was. Here he shows you one of his favorite dribbling moves. And really, it’s all about change of pace with this move like most other soccer moves.

Start your journey. Nike Soccer presents dribbling da Vaca. Dribble da vaca translated from Portuguese into English means: “cow’s dribble”. And like most soccer moves, it’s all about making your defender think you’re going one way and then going the other.

The first in a series of futsal training drills, Dribble da Vaca is all about speed and simplicity.

Take the defender on at speed, pass the ball firmly to one side of your opponent, then burn it around the other, turning your man inside out.

By the time the defender turns, forget it. It’s over.