The Dutch Try Trick Corner Kick But Fail

The Dutch trying to get tricky with a corner kick. Doesn’t go so well. Arjen Robben touches the ball out of the corner area but Dani Alves sees what he’s done and goes and wins the soccer ball. Wesley Sneijder was supposed to be able to sneak over and take the ball off for a short corner but Alves read the play.

This same trick corner was done by Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney, but the referee didn’t realize what they had done and called the goal back.

Watch the Dutch try this trick corner kick but fail pretty epically at it. Robben is going to have to work on his acting and deception skills if they want this corner kick play to work! And to think the Dutch thought that could pull this trick corner kick off against Brazil of all football teams.

The Netherlands could careless though, they just beat Brazil and are on to the semifinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. They will face the winner of the Ghana versus Uruguay match. So, they will now be the favorites to go to the World Cup final.

I wonder if they’ll try this trick corner again. Don’t think so.