Ederson’s Near Own Goal

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Ederson Near Own Goal

Ederson’s near own goal. Manchester City’s goalkeeper would really prefer to play in the midfield. He thinks he can!

Ederson thinks he could create as many chances and score as many goals as Kevin de Bruyne! It looks like Ederson is thinking of hitting a longer pass out wide when he sees an encroaching Liverpool player and chances his mind. And Ederson is really very calm and cool when it’s all happening. He doesn’t panic even though Diogo Jota is closing him down and nearly scores as he slides to block Ederson’s pass.

As he pulls his leg back the ball almost rolls over his own goal line. Would have been worth it just to see Pep Guardiola’s reaction if Ederson had scored on himself. But in the near world of goalkeepers playing the ball out of the back more often and acting as part of the possession game, it’s no wonder that these own goals might happen from on occasion.

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