Edson Buddle Wonder Volley

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Edson Buddle Wonder Volley

The ball takes a good bounce off the Seattle Sounder turf and Buddle rips the ball up and over Kasey Keller from a good thirty yards out and at a bad angle. Just a cracker of a volley in any league. Take a look.

It wasn’t just this goal though that Buddle provided for the LA Galaxy. All game long he held the ball well upfront for the Galaxy and allowed them to maintain possession. Buddle just keeps getting better and better and should still gets some more looks on the U.S. national team. But right now he’s focused on getting an MLS Cup for the Galaxy.


That was all the LA Galaxy needed to win the match and they now go back to the Home Depot Center with just needing a draw to advance to the next round of the MLS playoffs.

Beckham, Eddie Lewis, and Landon Donovan all played fantastic defense to contain the Seattle Sounder wingers. It was really a team effort by the Galaxy. They’re starting to look like a very classy side that knows how to win games.

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