Maurice Edu Game Winner for Rangers Against Celtic

Maurice Edu Game Winner for Rangers Against Celtic

Edu grabs the game winner in stoppage time in perhaps one of the biggst rivalries in all of sports. The Old Firm Derby, as it’s called, is one of the most heated battles in soccer. The Glasgow Rangers represent Protestants and Celtic the Catholics. The two clubs have been playing one another since 1909.

A dog pile ensues after Edu scores and the crowd erupts. What a feeling that must be for Edu? Edu had a tough year, he’s only recently come back from a major knee injury. This goal must make it all worth it.


This is what the 23-year-old told the Scottish newspaper The Daily Record:

"It was amazing for me because I’ve had a kind of rough season. Experiences like this help me to deal with all the past situations that have happened for me here in my career.

"There are times when things have been hard to deal with but you just find ways to get on with it. With all the injuries, it’s been kind of stop-start for me.

"So to score a goal in a game like that and for it to end up being the winner is a great feeling for me. I’m just going to use that as extra motivation to keep working hard and try to stay in the side.

"This is the best feeling so far for me in football. Obviously winning the title at Tannadice was great but with everything that’s gone on with my injuries this was the highlight.

"Nothing compares to this in my career, even at international level. This is the most exciting moment.

"But in football you have lots of highs and lows. You enjoy the exciting moments but don’t let them overwhelm you. And the same when you have lows, you just have to try to overcome them and get on with it.

"It was just pure excitement for me at the end. I had a goal chopped off earlier so I was a little bit disappointed.

"To score the winner in an Old Firm game is just an unbelievable feeling. I’m just glad the game went the way we wanted it to go in the end.

"The goal itself was weird. I thought Boruc was going to catch the first effort then the second one came and I thought he was going to hit it wide. I was just waiting and waiting and it fell to me and I just tapped it in.

"It wasn’t the trickiest goal but I’ll take it. It was a crazy rush of emotions out there, from the disappointment of the goal being chopped off to the excitement of scoring the winner."