A Big Price to Pay: England’s Player Wages

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A Big Price to Pay: England’s Player Wages

By Tom Sheldrick

England’s players are certainly under-performing. But are they over-paid? Er, you’d have to say that yes they are…

Goalkeeper David James is on £50,000 ($74,000) per week at Portsmouth – although he has been asked to cut that by 80% if he wants to stay at the debt-ridden club next season.

Right-back Glen Johnson signed for Liverpool last summer, agreeing a wage of £139,000 ($205,000) per week.

Former national team captain John Terry is on £150,000 ($222,000) per week as Chelsea skipper. His deal was improved last summer after Manchester City reportedly offered him £200,000 per week.

Jamie Carragher, who returned from international retirement to play at the World Cup, is on £80,000 ($118,000) per week at Liverpool.

Ashley Cole now gets £120,000 ($178,000) per week at Chelsea. He is nicknamed "Cashley Cole" after saying in his autobiography that he nearly crashed his car when former club Arsenal offered him a new deal on ONLY £55,000 per week.

Right-winger Aaron Lennon is the lowest-paid member of the first team, on £45,000 ($67,000) per week at Spurs.

Gareth Barry, who returned from injury for last night’s game, signed for Manchester City last summer on a deal worth £100,000 ($148,000) per week.

Central midfielder Frank Lampard gets £141,000 ($209,000) per week at Chelsea.

New England captain Steven Gerrard is on £130,000 ($192,000) per week as Liverpool skipper.

Wayne Rooney gets £90,000 ($133,000) per week at Manchester United, but has been struggling to repeat his club form in an England shirt.

Target-man Emile Heskey gets £50,000 ($74,000) per week at Aston Villa, mainly for sitting on the bench.

And the boss, Fabio Capello, is on £115,000 ($170,000) per week as coach of England.

Don’t forget the bonuses they all earn for their clubs when they win trophies, as well as all the mega-money sponsorship deals they are on.
They also get match fees for playing for England, although the squad agreed in the build-up to the World Cup that these would be donated to charity.

Too right!

Tom Sheldrick is a freelance writer and can be reached at: tomsheldrick@hotmail.com

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