EPL Review Show

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How I look forward to the EPL review show on Fox Soccer Channel – like Homer Simpson to a donut, like a dog to a bone, like a cat to catnip, like…that’s too much, but you get the idea.

They nicely slice together all the highlights of the past weekend into an hour-long show. They cover every team in the EPL, and then usually focus on two games, one at the beginning of the show and then another at the end, the best games of the weekend. In these featured games they let you see more of the game, say the best moments put together in a roughly 10 minute segment, not just the goals or missed goals.

The other teams/games are given less coverage—usually highlights of all the goals and key points. But the best games are given more time and this is what is great about the review show. It’s not a cobbled together series of highlights but the moments where the action flowed along and then the game saving plays and goals. They also give you interviews with players and coaches after the game.

I’m guessing this is a must watch especially for those soccer fans with kids, as your not about to have time to watch that many games on the weekend with a couple four or five year olds climbing over you. I try to catch it every Sunday on Fox Soccer Channel – 5pm PST.

Check out Fox Soccer Channel for show times in your area.

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