Fantasy Soccer (Football) Tips

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Fantasy soccer tips: There’s noting like putting your own professional soccer team together and seeing your team rack up the points. Become your own Jose Mourinho or Alex Ferguson by picking a fantasy soccer or ‘football’ team. It’s really easy, just join a fantasy soccer website. One we recommend is Yahoo’s UK English Premier League fantasy soccer site. And fantasy soccer is completely free to play.

Just don’t get too sucked in to the fantasy soccer game and start slacking off at work by checking stats all day long.  And like any video game, don’t let it take away from the time you’re spending improving your actual soccer skills, after all , that’s what Soccer Training Info is all about, the real game on the field. Here though are the best fantasy soccer tips to help you compete with your friends and teammates.

Fantasy Soccer Tips

But, as you put your team together each week, don’t forget to come back and take a look at these fantasy soccer tips, and if you have some others please send them our way:

  • Try to choose forwards or point getting players when they play teams at the bottom of the table. They’re likely to smash home a few goals in these games.
  • Drop a player if they lose points in the previous week. You can always go back and pick them up again for the now lower price.
  • Important. Watch injury reports and suspensions – this can often be difficult to keep up with because changes can take place at the very last minute but it will save you from losing points when players aren’t even playing in the game.
  • Take a look at teams of the week to discover new players. This is a quick way to discover new players.
  • The stars win the points in the end – meaning Salah, Kane, Sterling, De Bruyne, Aguero, Mane, and so on. The best football players end up scoring goals. But don’t spend all your money on a too many stars, maybe have one or two.
  • Check whose playing at home – that’s a big advantage.
  • Consider travel time if teams have to play back to back games or go a long distance to play a team.
  • Again, the stars win you the points, so pick them up when they are cheap – that means early in the year or when they’re returning from an injury.
  • Watch players on a streak – try to grab them before their stock rises. This goes for teams too, say a new team hasn’t let in any goals and are playing well, their backline and goalie are not letting in goals.
  • Grab a couple sleepers. Basically good players who put up a lot of points, but don’t cost a lot. Sometimes these are players who the year before were injured and by not playing as much saw their value decline and now you can buy them at a discounted price.
  • Have one wild card each week, a player that you’re taking a big chance on.  Could be a player making their debut, when they for some reason very often score, or a player playing their former team–they always seem to score.
  • Take a chance on a keeper. Say you think a keeper is up to the task of holding off one of the big teams, Manchester United or Chelsea, pick them up maybe if they’re playing at home. Keepers can surprisingly earn a lot of points for you.
  • The opposite of this is to select all the forwards for a big club when they play a weaker team – thinking they’re bound to score a ton of goals.
  • Tell your friends to get a team and then you can compete with them.
  • Visit various soccer forums that discuss fantasy soccer and offer great inside information and tips, forums such as BigSoccer, or just type in ‘fantasy soccer tips’, in BigSoccer’s search console.

How does the fantasy soccer scoring work? Yahoo Fantasy Soccer breaks it down to attacking versus defending when determining points:

  • Goals and Assists
  • Match-winning goal
  • Set-piece goal
  • Shot on target
  • Successful cross
  • Winning a foul
  • Winning a corner
  • Penalty miss/save
  • Blocked shot
  • Pass intercepted
  • Winning tackle
  • Clean sheet
  • Last-man saving tackle
  • Foul committed
  • Penalty committed
  • Own goal
  • Yellow and red cards
  • Win
  • Tie
  • Loss
  • Save
  • Penalty kick save
  • Clean sheet
  • Goal allowed




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