Federico Macheda ‘Kiko’

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When Yossi Benayoun scored the goal at the death for Liverpool, the pressure was firmly on Manchester to match them and win their game against Aston Villa. However, with a number of injuries and key players missing, Rio Ferdinand and his play in the air for one, Manchester United were down 2-1 with 30 minutes to play.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored an opening free kick to put Manchester ahead and stepped up later to knock home the goal to tie the match, but it was a young 17 year old Italian making his debut who cut the ball back smartly with his back to the goal and bent the ball into the upper corner to win the game for Manchester United.

It is an amazing goal on a number of different levels, for Manchester’s title race and for a youngster making a name for himself, and really what makes soccer (football) such a marvelous sport to watch.


Federico Macheda & Gary Neville Interview


Play simple – just play
Ran to his dad and to his family after the goal
My dream to have debut and score a goal like that


Grateful to him really
We never stopped playing the right way
You never think you’re going to lose


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