Alex Ferguson Like His Players Married

Ferguson talks about Wayne Rooney during the press conference prior to the Manchester United versus Wolfsburg Champions League match at Old Trafford. He says Wayne has settled down more since he’s been married and he likes his players to get married in general. Ferguson said they’re more stable and you know where they are. But I’m guessing this didn’t exactly work for Beckham, who although he was married, it was to a pop star that only increased his celebrity status.

It was all about Jonny Evans though, who’s girlfriend was at the press conference doing some kind of internship or work placement with ITV, a television station. Evans was asked if he was ready to get married and pointed out that his girlfiend was right in the middle of the press core in front of him.

As all eyes turned to pick out an embarrassed-looking Kate, Ferguson seized his chance.

‘Get him tied down, dear,’ Alex Ferguson said with a laugh.

‘Rings are cheap now.’