The Fernando Torres Open Goal Miss

Wow. Just wow. How on earth did Fernando Torres miss this shot. Was he too eager to score and rushed it? This one will haunt him for some time to come. Aren’t they paying Torres a pile of money to score goals?

Torres did the hard part, rounding Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea, but then he flubs the shot. Flub is probably too kind. It’s an open goal and Torres can’t strike the ball cleanly. Take a look at the amazing miss in the video below.

This Fernando Torres miss does remind me of Diego Forlan’s open goal miss. Yes, even the best strikers in the world make mistakes.

How did you miss that, Fernando? Agony for Torres as deadly United march on Fernando Torres’ miserable season reached a new low on Sunday as one of the worst misses in Barclays Premier League history helped Manchester United to a 3-1 win over Chelsea at Old Trafford.

Torres, who had already scored his first goal of the season to give Chelsea hope in the first minute of the second half, rounded United goalkeeper David de Gea in the 83rd minute only to slice his shot into the Stretford End.

TV analyst and columnist Jamie Redknapp said: ‘To use a golfing term, it was almost like a yip.

Wayne Rooney also suffered a bizarre miss, falling over while taking a penalty, and Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas said:

You have to be fair that the best world strikers have both missed great opportunities. It happened to Fernando but it happened to Wayne Rooney, too. But, yes, a 3-2 score at that period of the game would give us a mental edge for the rest of the match.

But this Fernando Torres unbelievable miss won’t be forgotten.