Luis Figo Coming to MLS

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If a player of his stature comes over to the MLS I’m buying tickets. But this will have to wait until he’s done is money earning turn in Saudi Arabia. No other sport has this, maybe golf is the only other one, where a retiring player can step down and play in another league, rack in the money and coast along until his hair is gray and belly full. Figo has signed on to play with Al-Ittihad offer for 18 months, sadly, no MLS for now.

The signing of Beckham was amazing when you think about but Figo is a player with loads of unique skills – he gracefully slips by players and whips in crosses.

If Figo signs with a club, it would most likely be the LA Galaxy but all the talk is how New England should sign him as their designated player – as they have a big Portuguese population in that area.

Figo is really an exceptional player who’s played on the biggest stages. Talk about a big game, he was once a star for Barcelona and then jumped over to Real Madrid, and endured the harsh words when he was back at the Nou Camp for his turncoat move.

Right now, Figo is recovering from a broken leg, not sure when he’s set to return to Inter Milan but he wants to win trophies before he heads to the desert.


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