Flamini Horror Tackle on Vedran Corluka

AC Milan and former Arsenal midfielder, Mathieu Flamini, looks like he’s learned a little too much from playing with Gattuso, as he goes flying in with his studs up near the sidelines to take out Corluka, and then he looks to the crowd and tries to draw them into the game as he throws up his arms.

Really, there’s just no place for a tackle like this and no reason for it, especially on the sidelines when the player has no where to go. Corluka was on crutches after the game and will get x-rays to see the extend of the damage.

But that wasn’t all that happened in this intense Champions League match. Gattuso grabbed Tottenham Hotspus assistant manager Joe Jordan by the throat and tried to head butt him.

In the end it was a great result away from home for the Spurs with Gomez making a great save towards then end to preserve the 1-0 win.


Update: The Frenchman went to the Spurs’ change rooms and personally apologized to the Croatian international for his crunching tackle.

“I went to the Totenham dressing rooms to see the physical condition of Corluka and to apologize,” Flamini told Sky Sports after the match.

Update 2: “I lost my head and I’m taking responsibility because I did something I shouldn’t have done,” Gattuso said. “Jordan was breaking my balls throughout the second half but that doesn’t justify my reaction. I was annoyed about the words I’d exchanged with Jordan. We were both speaking Scottish given that I played in his country in Glasgow but I’m not going to say what was said. I made a mistake doing what I did to an older person, and that’s it. I’ll wait and see what (UEFA) decides."

The goal: Aaron Lennon broke free with his blazing speed and found the big man Peter Crouch who just had to slot the ball home.