Foster’s iPod Helps Wins Penalty Shootout

As if Apple needed another reason for people to buy their products. Ben Foster makes big saves with a little help from Apple.

Looks like goalkeepers across the globe are going to follow the trend of Manchester United coaches, and get a glimpse of what the prospective kickers normally do via an iPod right before the shootout. It’s understandable though, if it works for Manchester United can’t it work for your club?

However, seems like watching a video or two of prospective kickers before the game would suffice, but like a flash card or cheat sheet, doesn’t hurt to take it out moments before the actual exam.

Foster watched videos of Spurs players taking penalties on an iPod and then saved from Jamie O’Hara as United lifted the cup after winning the penalty shootout 4-1 following their goalless draw at Wembley Stadium.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has resisted the use of any form of video technology, especially to determine if the ball has crossed the goalline, for many years. But the idea of using an iPod as a tactical aid is new and not against the laws of the game.

Former Premier League referee Graham Poll told the Daily Mail on Monday that using iPod technology “had the potential to exploit a loophole in the laws which should be referred to FIFA”.

The Penalty Shootout