Four Corners Passing

Field size: 10 yards by 10 yards

Number of players: at least four players; split up into groups of four working in 10 by 10 sized grids

Age range: 10-12

Description: Three players on the corners of the square try to keep the ball from one player in the middle. Players who don’t have the ball have to move from one corner to the other to offer support to the player with the ballt. Players should always have two passing options.

Players run to the corner of the square to receive a pass and offer support, this way they are square to the ball and it’s harder for the defender to cut off the passing angle and win the ball. If the player doesn’t run all the way to the cone or corner of the square, then it’s easier for the defender to get a touch on the ball.

Defender has to work hard to cut off the passing lanes and win the ball. If the defender wins the ball he or she becomes an offensive player. If the attacking team gets ten passes in a row then the defender must stay on for another round.

Have the offensive team start out playing with unlimited touches and then move on to two and then one touch. Even if the team isn’t ready to try one touch, let try it so they can see how hard it is and how well it works if all the players are working off the ball.

Four Corners Passing Video


Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.