Freddie Ljungberg’s House

Not a bad place to relax after a Sounders game. Don’t you think. Ljungberg’s house on Lake Washington in Seattle, Washington.

Ljungberg is interviewed in this week’s New York Times magazine. He’s kicking off his instructional camp, Freddie Ljungberg’s Advanced Soccer Clinic at Suncadia, in Cle Elum, Wash., Aug. 20-22 .

A few things stand out, worst thing about soccer in the United States, he said no police escorts to the games, he likes samurai swords, loves snowboarding, gets intense migraines, does muay Thai kickboxing in the offseason, he drives a Hummer, and he has a Newfoundland dog named Amadeus.

Ljungberg has quite a few pages now on our site, he’s part of the MLS bald force, recently starting sporting the feintest mohawk ever, and has a number of tattoos.

Oh yeah, he’s a hell of a soccer player. However, there’s been some talk that he might leave the Seattle Sounders, maybe join up with Thierry Henry if he signs with the New Yorker Red Bulls.