Freddie Ljungberg Mohawk

So I caught some of the Seattle Sounders versus the New England Revolution match last night, and Freddie Ljungberg happened to be sporting the faintest of a mohawk. Lately, all the talk about Freddie Ljungberg has been about how he complains to the referees.

However, along with his new hairstyle, Ljungberg was playing like he did for Arsenal. He must have setup his Sounders teammates with at least ten different chances to score. He played in crosses in the air and on the ground, beat players to the end line. He was all over the place. I’m guessing he’ll try to keep the mohawk for a while longer since he’s playing well with it. Well, at least until he’s got enough hair to do it. Hats off to him though for going with a new look, gutsy when you’re lacking in the hair department to do it.

There were of course a few variations of the mohawk. Freddie Mohawk Light. Freddie’s old mohawk days when he played for Arsenal. He has a bit of color to it, dyeing his mohawk hair pinkish red and shaving the sides pretty short.