Gabor Kiraly Loves His Sweatpants

Gabor Kiraly otherwise known yes Mr. Sweatpants. Yes, those are sweat pants Gabor Kiraly is wearing. Kiraly, goalkeeper for Hungary, loves his sweatpants. Kiraly doesn’t care what you think about those thick looking tracksuit bottoms that nobody even wears anymore. Actually, are they trousers or sweatpants? I’d have to say you call them sweatpants or maybe track bottoms.

Kiraly also happens to be the oldest player in the entire Euro Cup, at 40 years old, so you can’t really blame him for wearing his favorite sweatpants he’s being wearing for years. Kiraly is going to do what he wants to do. How long has Kiraly being wearing the same sweatpants? Who knows. But it seems to be working for him and Hungary in the Euro 2016.

Here’s to Gabor Kiraly’s sweatpants. Let’s hope he doesn’t discard them for a traditional keeper attire. I would like to see Kiraly face off against Messi and see how his sweatpants do. They might throw Messi off when he sees them. These sweatpants aren’t part of the training routine that Coerver goalkeeping suggests though.