Goalkeepers on the Ground After Lionel Messi Has Scored

Don’t feel bad goalkeepers, it happens to the best of you. Messi is just too good and doesn’t mean any harm. Don’t take it personal. He does it to every goalkeeper in Spain. The soccer ball is at his foot and then it’s in your goal. It just happens that quick.

In the above image you can imagine Manuel Neuer saying: “Don’t you dare chip me Messssssiiiiii…we still won the World Cup final remember……nooooooooooooooo, I’m falling back and the ball is going up and over my hand.”

Heck, it even happens to Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas – who many say is the best goalkeeper in the world. So yeah, if it happens to Casillas you can’t feel too bad. Just realize you only have to face Messi twice per year in La Liga. Pick your head up. Get up off the ground. Don’t cry. Fight another day. The game will be over in just 90 minutes.

Iker Casillas: “I hate you Messi.”

Unknown Keeper: “Why Messi, why do you keep making me look so foolish!”

Malaga Keeper: “I can’t take this anymore. He’s too good. My neck hurts whenever I try to look back and see him putting the ball into the back of the net.”

Unknown Keeper: “Go ahead, score, I can’t get up. You win. I never liked playing goalkeeper anyway. I always wanted to play forward.”

AC Milan’s goalkeeper Christian Abbiati: “Nooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Racing Santander goalkeeper Tono Rodriguez: “Don’t do it Messi. You don’t have to score on me again. Please stop.”

Santos Goalkeeper: “This is the club World Cup, it’s more of a friendly match than anything else. Why do you have to be so mean Lionel? You’ve already scored on me once. Pease stop.”

Celta Vigo goalkeeper Javi Varas: ” Must stop Messi. Must stop Messi. Can’t stop Messi.”

Manchester United’s Edwin van der Sar: “I can’t take this anymore. I quit. I’m retiring from the game of football. It’s all your fault, Messi.”