Gio Reyna’s Maradona Like Dribbling Run

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Reyna Dribbling Run

Gio Reyna dribbling run: This is really what’s the greatest about soccer. Dribbling runs like this by Gio Reyna. The ability to go at defenders. To take defenders on. It’s an art and a skill that makes soccer the beautiful game. And the dribbling starts way back in the defensive third of the United States. More players should try and go on dribbling runs like this. Pulisic can do it and should do it more. Reyna’s dribbling run reminded many of Maradona’s run against England.

Perhaps Reyna tired out a bit and just couldn’t get enough energy to beat the last Mexican defender and get off a shot. Think he tired to nutmeg the last defender and if he’d pulled it off he’d have had space to get a clean shot off.

Reyna Maradona Like Dribbling Run

Reyna’s club in Germany even commented on his dribbling run:

What special about Gio Reyna though is just how calm and smooth he is. When he came on to the field he slowed the game down a bit and let the U.S. team have more possession. He wanted the ball at his feet and was an outlet for players who were in trouble and being closed down. And then for him to have the ability to beat players on the dribble. He’s just a class player.

Again though, youth soccer coaches should let their players go on a Gio Reyna dribbling run like this. Let them have the freedom to try new things on the soccer pitch. Of course young players need to learn to play one and two touch soccer but they should no lose the ability or desire to dribble at defenders.

Here’s the Gio Reyna dribbling run in slow motion.

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