Walker Zimmerman Pre-Game Sniff

Walker Zimmerman sniffing some smelling salt before the United States versus Mexico World Cup qualifier. Landon Donovan was known to have a pre-game sniff of some smelling salt too. Can’t blame either for using some smelling salt for such a big game. Not sure if Zimmerman does it before every game. Many players do. But at Azteca stadium and in the high altitude of Mexico City a little lift from some smelling salt is probably needed.

Zimmerman Smelling Salt

For many soccer players a pre-game sniff of smelling salt is pretty common.

Zimmerman Sniff

Zimmerman brings a lot of energy and fight to the U.S. team. And he’s able to win most of the head balls but he can also score goals. He’s a player you just want on your team. While he doesn’t seem like the type of player to even need a pre-game sniff of smelling salt, in World Cup qualifiers you do whatever you can to get that extra edge.

Will we see Zimmerman sniffing smelling salt before the next game?

Samuel Etoo would also sniff smelling salt before he played.