Guide to Short Passing in Soccer

Short or quick passing is what soccer is all about. If you watch any of the top soccer teams in the game today, from Real Madrid to Barcelona to Manchester United to Bayern Munich to Liverpool, it’s all about quick short passes to keep possession of the ball and then break down the defense with a give and go or escape pressure by laying the ball off to a teammate so they can play that killer pass. The game is never stagnant – the soccer ball is always moving. Those few short passes lead to a killer pass.

Today, the best soccer teams in the world keep the ball in their possession for long periods of time, this way they can score and they other team can’t. Not easy of course but that’s the plan. How can the other team score when they don’t get much possession of the ball? Sure, there’s always a counter attack but the best teams keep the ball.

Top soccer teams like Bayern Munich or Barcelona play one and two touch soccer and dribble at defenders when there’s space behind them or a numbers advantage. The shot passing game is about playing the ball and moving into another position – it’s about always wanting the ball. Everybody on the team, from keepers to defenders to forwards has to want the ball at their feet. Wanting to make something happen.

Compilation of the best Barcelona style goals with more than 20 passes. Pure Barcelona. Short passing in soccer from the masters of the possession game.

Of course it’s the rondo drill or keep away game that Barcelona known for.

Learn football skills – why Rondo is the best football training exercise in the world. In this video we take a look at Rondo, a great training exercise for learning football skills every football player needs to master. Rondo is a simple drill where a superior amount of attacking players try to keep the ball against an outnumbered amount of defenders – and while it sounds extremely easy, this is one of the best training drills ever created in football!

FC Barcelona and players like Xavi, Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta have all learned lots of their football skills by playing Rondo in every single one of their FC Barcelona training sessions, and in this video we teach you everything you need to know about Rondo and why you need to add this simple drill to your football training routine. Watch the full video now to learn how to improve your football skills with Rondo – trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

Watch how fast Bayern Munich move the ball in this 7 versus 2 training session. Sometimes this is called piggy in the middle or rondos. If there’s one thing that is at the core of soccer it is being able to possess the soccer ball while under pressure. Short passing makes the defense change positions and opens up passing lanes.