Guide to Taking Penalties in Soccer

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Penalty Kick Guide

Learn to score more penalties in football matches – in today’s tutorial video, you will learn how to always score penalties as we will teach you the technique to become really good at taking penalty kicks in a football match.

The penalty is one of the biggest chances in a football match, but it also brings a lot of pressure with it, which means that you need to have your nerves in check and technique on point to feel confident going up to take a penalty.

Today, we have brought in professional football player Will John who will teach you how to score more penalties in matches. Will John has scored a lot of vital penalty kicks in his career, and with his penalty tutorial you will learn how to improve your penalties in order to score more when you’re facing the goalkeeper.

Here, Will John will teach you how to score the panenka penalty kick, and how you can improve your penalty taking technique in order to get better at taking penalties even with a lot of pressure on your shoulders with this penalty tutorial. Remember when Pirlo scored with a panenka? What about Zidane’s panenka penalty kick in the World Cup final….That was the beyond gutsy Zidane chip shot, where you chip the ball down the middle but up and over the diving keeper.

Not too many players have to confidence to pull that type of penalty kick off.

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