Hakim Ziyech Wizard Goal

What do you call this type of goal by Hakim Ziyech? It’s more than bending the soccer ball into the upper corner. It’s wizard like, really. Perhaps this is the goal for Ziyech that gives him the confidence to play for Chelsea like he played for Ajax. It was Ziyech’s first goal in the English Premier League at Stamford Bridge. And yes, Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was rooted to the spot and could only turn his head and watch as the ball dropped into the top corner.

The Hakim Ziyech Pass Versus Bayern Munich

During all this time so far at Chelsea Ziyech has been good but not great. It’s always been known he can do incredible things with the ball at his feet yet hasn’t settled in at Chelsea to feel comfortable enough to show himself entirely. It seems. Or maybe didn’t get enough of a chance. Maybe it’s this wizard like goal sets him on course to be the genius he’s known he can be with the ball.

Image credit above goes to Chelsea FC of course.

Watch the wizard goal from Ziyech in the video below.