Soccer Heading Circle

Field size: 30 yards by 20 yards

Number of players: full team, split into groups of eight to ten

Age range: 10-12

Description: Players stand a circle with a ball in their hands while two players stand in the middle, one offensive player and one defensive player who are looking to receive a (head) pass.

The offensive player checks away and then back to a player to ask for the ball and head it back to him or her.  Be careful in this drill though, you don’t want anyone to get hurt, so defensive players shouldn’t be too aggressive in how they try defend.  You don’t want to risk a concussion when a player accidentally heads the head of another player.  Perhaps start out with the defender just working passively or at 50%.

The key is to focus on using the right technique, hitting the ball with the area of the head just above the forehead and keeping your mouth closed when you head the ball. Bend your legs slightly and snap your upper body towards the ball and push your head and neck forward.

These should be just quicker headers back to the server. The working player goes around the entire circle and then switches with the next player to go.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.