Frankie Hejduk Drinks Beer With Crew Fans

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Is Frankie Hejduk condoning the drinking of beer? And who’s to say it is beer? But I came across this video of Hejudk celebrating with Crew fans after they beat New York with a cold beverage. And rightly so that Hejduk was celebrating with the Crew fans. He had a heck of a game, a goal and an assist along with his usual tireless work rate and annoying of opposing players with this seemingly unfair amount of energy. He’s a player who’s always on.

Take a look at Part II, where Hejduk stands atop a car and chugs a beer with the Columbus Crew fans.

Frankie’s goal sparked his team. It was almost like one of those is this real type of events with Ronaldinho, did he really score that? Did the ball really go in?

Frankie was positioned on the far right to cross the ball and faked like he was going to bend the ball into the box but touched the ball past the defender (who I think even jumped) and served the ball again towards the back post when the ball arched nicely into the back of the net at the far post instead, leaving Jon Conway looking like a floundering fish. Is getting scored on by Frankie Hejduk sort of like letting Dennis Rodman score a three pointer?

I’m not saying Hejduk is the Dennis Rodman of the MLS. He’s much more classy than that, but if there’s someone who’s got enough personality and passion to be the MLS’s lightening rod, it’s him. Of course thankfully Hejduk lacks the piercing, the tattoos, and the frequent trips to Vegas to party, but he’s got the desire and joy for the game, and can guzzle down a beer with the fans when asked. He’s the California surfer’s version who’s now gone legit, with numerous World Cup games under his belt, a stint playing in Germany and now a solid career in the MLS.

Columbus was even playing without Schelotto but had their engine at full power, with Robbie Rogers and Ekpo charging at defenders and repeatedly making them miss. Both of these player won’t be in the MLS much longer the way they’re playing. Rogers smashed home the second goal and proceeded to run over to the Crew fans for a sort of Lambeau Field type leap. This is great for the MLS I think, bring the fans into the game, get them out of their seats – it can only draw in more fans who want to be part of the community.

Columbus is an exciting team and fun to watch, but if Frankie is Dennis Rodman I’m not sure just yet who would be Jordan and Pippin. Either way, the Columbus Crew and their Green Bay Packer like fans are looking to do damage in the playoffs. I hope they can win the whole thing. I think Sigi Schmid deserves it, he was run out of LA a while back for no reason really. My favorite MLS teams of late have been Houston and DC United, now I’m going to add Columbus.

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