How Lionel Messi Scores So Many Goals

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How does Lionel Messi score so many goals? For one thing, Messi follows shots and charges into the goal box. Ok, so it’s not that simple. If you charge the goal and make runs into the box like Lionel Messi you’re not going to immediately start scoring goals. Why? Well, you still have to have the skill and ability to shoot, head and volley the ball like Messi. And you have to have the touch of Messi. No small thing.

But, you will certainly increase your goal scoring tally if you do make these runs into the box. What’s more, if you call for the soccer ball and demand it like Messi does, then you’ll get more goal scoring chances. Take a look at the video below.

One thing about Messi too is he’s always trying to get better. Yes, even Messi. He used to not score free kick and now he’s whipping in goals from dead balls nearly every time. That’s the trick though to being a great soccer player, always trying to improve and get better.

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