How Not to Defend in Soccer

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In this hilarious compilation video are some of the worst pieces of defending we’ve ever seen in Sunday League football / soccer. If you truly want to learn how to play defense in soccer go here. Defending in soccer is often taken for granted, rarely do game and goal saving tackles get the attention that a goal scorer does. Playing good defense takes patience – if you try to dive in and win the ball you’ll often just get embarrassed. Good defending is all about reading the play, holding the defender up, not letting them turn, and being calm.

Even top professional soccer players have bad days on the soccer field. You feel bad for him watching this. 16 Minutes of Shame – Marcos Antonio’s Debut Disaster. The top pros though know how to bounce back and make up for past mistakes. That’s why they’re pros. Keep your head up and fight to win back the ball or make up for a mistake. Often you’ll see a defender who has given away a goal or even scored an own goal end up scoring for their team themselves later in the game.

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