How to Play Like Jadon Sancho

Let’s see if we can learn how to play like Jadon Sancho. Perhaps we can pick up some of his soccer tricks and dribbling moves. What stands out about Sancho’s style of play is he’s always dangerous, looking to attack and keep defenders guessing. He’s not afraid to take players on and grew up playing street soccer in England. If you want to play like Sancho then you’ll need to learn how to cut the ball in tight spaces.

“After school, I just wanted to play football. All around me, there were people who did bad things, but I never wanted to deal with them,” Sancho said.

If you want to dribble like Sancho then a simple thing you can do is dribble through a set of cones. Start out slow at first and then build up speed. Vary the distance of the cones, bring them closer together as you improve your control.

This might seem like a silly drill or too easy, but you can challenge yourself by just using one foot and picking up speed as you gain more confidence and touch on the ball. And again, the key to beating a defender on the dribble is change of pace, suckering in the defender and then blowing past them – slow and then fast.

Jadon Sancho works his magic in the Bundesliga! People keep asking how Manchester City could let a player like Sancho leave their club. You can see why in the video below. How to play like Jadon Sancho? Well, you’ll need to develop Messi like control and dribbling skills and Neymar like flair and tricks.

Jadon Sancho sits down with Craig Mitch to discuss the starlet’s first impressions on team spirit, life in Bundesliga, Wayne Rooney, and his England role models.

Here’s what Rio Ferdinand said about Jadon Sancho:

“This kid is the truth. He’s got everything. He’s got skill, pace, tenacity, desire, commitment, he gets goals. He’s top assist man in Europe at the moment. He’s potentially the best talent we’ve got bar none.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jadon Sancho is on Real Madrid and Barcelona’s shopping list this summer.

Jadon Sancho on street soccer:

“I was on an estate. There’s a park behind that we called Blue Park, and we used to just go there and for two hours just play mini games, everyone used to get so into it,” Jadon Sancho told ​Sky Sports. “I used to have all the tricks, nutmeg people, and I was doing it like the older boys.”

Jadon Sancho’s back heel nutmeg pass. Take a look at this genius. He’s got skills and confidence to try things on the soccer field. Dortmund star Jadon Sancho’s moment of magic against Hoffenheim.