How to Play Like Zidane

Well, you’ve got a difficult task ahead of yourself if you want to learn how to play like Zidane. But I like how you are striving to imitate one of the greatest soccer players of all time. And surely one of the smoothest soccer players. Why not try to play like the best of the best. Since, if you can play just a little bit like Zidane then you’re well on your way to becoming an amazing soccer player.

Zidane quote: “I was lucky to come from a difficult area. It teaches you not just about football but also life. There were lots of kids from different races and poor families. People had to struggle to get through the day.”

To start, let’s take a look at some of Zidane’s moves from not only one of the bests of all time but one of the smoothest players of all time. It’s as if it wasn’t enough to beat a player or make that killer pass, Zidane did in the smoothest of ways.


Keys to playing like Zidane:

  • Perfect touch on the ball
  • Wants the ball all the time
  • Use your body to shield the ball
  • Know where your teammates are on the field at all times
  • Keep your head up when dribbling the ball (eyes peeled for players making runs)
  • Uses his body to protect the ball
  • Calm under pressure
  • Extreme confidence on the ball – knows he can make or pass or keep possession

Top Ten Zidane Moves

The secret to playing like Zidane is composure on the ball. Zidane never looked flustered or rushed when he was playing for France, Juventus or Real Madrid. And it didn’t matter if it was a league game, a Champions League final or a World Cup final, he played the same way. He was always smooth on the ball and rarely if ever lost the it. How did he do this?

Zidane first off has perfect control, touch, and balance. To achieve this means spending a lot of time with the ball, trying to master it, from juggling to dribbling to passing. This means spend a few hours nearly everyday knocking the ball against a wall with both feet, juggling with both feet, and playing in as many pick up games and real games as possible.

The key though with Zidane though is he has incredible skills on the ball yet sees the whole field all the time. You see, what made Zidane great was how he made players around him better. Zidane made that killer pass or absorbed pressure and held on to the ball until a teammate was open.

This is another key to playing like Zidane, and a key to becoming a great player, wanting the ball all the time and going to get it. This means not hiding from the soccer ball or the game but seeking it out.

Zidane favors his right foot, and loves to play clever balls with the outside of his right, but he’s no slouch with his left either. What’s unique about Zidane is he goes about the game in a pretty quiet and unassuming manner. He will pull out a step over or a spin turn from time to time, but he keeps the game pretty simple for the most part with quick one and two touch passes.

It’s his ability to play that clever pass though that’s brilliant about Zidane and what made him such an amazing player. He will dribble one way and then cut the ball through the other way. He’ll play that quick pass with the outside of his foot rather than take another touch and slow the play down. The timing of Zidane’s passes are superb.

But Zidane could also score big goals. Take this volley in the Champions League final when he played for Real Madrid. Perhaps one of the greatest goals ever scored in the Champions League.

What really underlies Zidane’s play is his confidence. Zidane plays like he is the best player on the pitch. He waltzes along with ball, cuts, turns, shifts directions, as if his play is set to music.

Of course even the most composed and smoothest players can lose their mental focus. And this happened on the biggest stage in the world in the World Cup final in 2006 versus Italy and the infamous head-butt.

Zidane Highlights

Some times we are asked: what was the secret of Zidane’s vision when he was playing football (soccer)? Part of it was just experience. All those years playing soccer in the streets growing up and the countless number of games he played. But it’s also related to taking a look around the field before you get the ball – constantly look around and see where your teammates are and anticipate what kinds of runs they’re going to make.

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