Ibrahimovic Heel Pass to Pedro

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Ibrahimovic Heel Pass

Ibrahimovic heel pass to Pedro. The big man can do pretty much everything. Here he puts Pedro through with a clever heel pass. Ibrahimovic does some things that Ronaldinho used to do while at Barcelona, the surprise and unthinkable passes that catch opposing teams off guard. Oh to have seen those two play together…think they just missed playing with on another at Barcelona and AC Milan. This heel pass is almost on the Guti heel of God level.

Was the payout to Inter Milan for the Swede worth it? It’s a bit too early to tell. Barcelona gave up the amazing and beloved Eto’o, who will return to the Camp Nou for a Champions League match in the coming weeks, November 24 to be exact. The two will battle it out then, we will see who’s better, at least on the day. Take a look at Ibrahimovic’s heel pass and skill level that’s of highest order in football. It’s a shame that Ibrahimovic wasn’t able to stay longer at Barcelona.

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