Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s New Contract with the LA Galaxy

I wonder how much money Zlatan Ibrahimovic is going to make next year playing for the LA Galaxy? Ibrahimovic has scored some amazing goals for the club in his first season and his knee appears to be absolutely fine. But the LA Galaxy will have to break the bank to keep him on the team.

If you were to predict where Ibrahimovic ends up playing next year, it’s hard to say. After all, professional soccer is a business. But the LA Galaxy would be smart and probably know that a hunger Zlatan Ibrahimovic is someone who helps your team win games. While he’s getting older, he still scores big goals in big games and those are the players who you want on your team, obviously.


I think he wants to stay in LA, he likes it, but he has teammates making nearly 6 times as much as he is. With his current salary of $1.5 million a year, a steal of a deal for LA, I’d imagine they have to at least double it to keep him in the side. While Ibrahimovic won’t get a Beckham like deal, where he got a discounted price to buy an entire club, you’d think that LA would like to keep Zlatan for another season or two and see if they can use him to draw more fans from Europe.

The Galaxy are still in the hunt to make the playoffs with a few games left as well. But along with re-signing Ibra, the Galaxy will have to sign a few defenders since that has been the main source of their problems this year.

Although Ashley Cole, despite is age, has been a standout for the club and has an amazing amount of energy for how long his played pro soccer at top levels for Arsenal and Chelsea.

What’s great about Ibra is you can tell he just loves to play soccer. He could have gone to China to make nearly 100 times as much money, but came to LA:

“After my injury, I just want to be happy, push it every time I put on football boots, smell the grass, touch the ball, and do what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years. Trust me, that has no price.”

One place Ibrahimovic could end up is in Miami, playing for Beckham’s new MLS club, but that is still a few years out and not sure how strong or healthy Ibrahimovic will be at that stage. However, you never want to count Ibra out and if his knee stays strong and healthy he could keep scoring goals in the MLS for a few more years to come.

Update: The LA Galaxy have re-signed Ibra and he’s making $7.2 million per year.