Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ping Pong Goal

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Everyone knows Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an amazing soccer player, but he’s always doing things on the soccer field even more amazing than before, like this volley over the keeper’s head after the keeper miss-kicked a goal kick right to him.

Not only does Ibrahimovic have to be on his toes and ready to strike the ball on goal, but he has to have the first touch to volley the ball back over the keeper’s head. Not very easy at all. Just an amazing goal. Take a look at some of Ibrahimovic’s greatest goals in the video below.

Here are Ibrahimovic’s top ten goals when he played for Ajax.

Too bad Ibrahimovic won’t be playing in the World Cup this summer in Brazil. Yes, when Portugal faced off versus Sweden in the playoff match we new it was either Cristiano Ronaldo going through to the World Cup or Ibrahimovic. And of course it was Portugal who got the win so Sweden and Ibra were sent home – no tournament for the PSG forward.


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