Inaki Williams Nearly Scores Clever Goal

Inaki Williams sneaks up on Portugal goalkeeper Diogo Costa and nearly scores. If Williams doesn’t slip, Ghana would have tied their World Cup game 3-3. Williams sneaking up on keeper isn’t against the rules or anything either. He’s giving Costa enough space and not appearing to infringe on his play in anyway.

Diogo goes to throw the soccer ball out in front of him so he can kick the ball up field but doesn’t realize Williams is waiting behind him to steal the ball.

You have to give credit to the Portuguese defenders too. They react pretty quickly once Williams wins the ball and put pressure on him.

If you watch Portugal play in the rest of their games in the World Cup in Qatar, I’m sure you will notice their goalkeeper Diogo Costa looking behind him before he throws the ball out to strike it! Costa might even hesitate a few times, glancing back again and again to make sure there are no attackers ready to pounce on the ball!

The reaction by Cristiano Ronaldo is priceless. Watching what’s unfolding and unable to do anything about it. Hands on head. Ronaldo watching as Williams sneaks up on keeper and his World Cup dreams unraveling.

Surely the Portuguese bench was yelling at their goalkeeper to alert him that Williams was behind him…?

Not sure if a goal like this has ever been scored. Where the attacker sneaks up on the goalkeeper.

Here’s a few images of Inaki Williams nearly amazing goal.

And a few more pictures of Williams sneaking up on Costa only to slip. Yeah, it looks that is Portugal defender Rúben Dias getting his foot in and disrupting Inaki’s chance to score. Costa is going to have to give a big thank you for that to Dias.

Inaki plays for Athletic Bilbeo in Spain, but his parents are from Ghana. His brother meanwhile is playing for Spain in the World Cup. Inaki has enjoyed his time getting to know where he’s from – his roots in Ghana. From the Guardian.

“The dressing room is totally different to Europe. At Athletic, we do pray together, arms around our shoulders, but here it’s a step again with music, happiness, people dancing. A different vibe. It’s been a lovely surprise. There are things I would like to take back to Athletic’s dressing room.” Williams laughs. “I send videos to the [Athletic] team chat. They think it’s incredible. The culture is totally different. I come from Europe, my friends are European, Basque. This is getting me closer to my roots.”