Musiala Nearly Scores Goal of the Tournament

The Musiala dribbling run versus Japan: In the box, Jamal Musiala dribbles through a collection of Japanese defenders. For a tall footballer Musiala is very skillful with the ball at his foot.

It’s the last fake shot that makes the sequence of moves though. He sends the defender to the ground and gives himself a clean shot on goal but skies the ball over the crossbar.

And Germany really could have used that goal from Musiala. As Japan of course never gave up and went on to win the match after being down 1-0.

See Jamal Musiala’s dribbling run in the video below. I think Messi would be impressed. As far as up and coming stars go, whether it’s Pedri, Jude Bellingham or Msiala, the future of world football looks bright.

In fact, Musiala and Bellingham played together at the youth level for England. However, when Musiala turned 16 he left Chelsea to sign with Bayern Munich. I wonder how Chelsea feels about letting so many talented players leave their club. From Mohamed Salah to Kevin de Bruyne to Musiala.