Andres Iniesta’s Signature Move

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Iniesta Croqueta Move
Iniesta loves to shift the ball from one foot to the other. Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta demonstrates his favorite move: La Croqueta. Essentially, this is where you pass the ball to your other foot and push the ball past the defender. Mainly the inside of the feet.

Really, it’s just shifting the ball to your other foot and touching it past the defender as they dive in to try to win the ball. The key though, as with all dribbling moves, is to dribble off faster after you do the move – a change of pace to beat the defender. Slow at first and then once you switch the ball to the other foot you break away at speed.

Here are some more examples of Iniesta using the Croqueta move in a number of different games for Barcelona. Also see Iniesta’s shielding skills. For a skinny and small soccer player he knows how to protect the ball.

It’s sad that Iniesta is leaving Barcelona. What a soccer player. Just amazing touch and skill on the ball. He made it look easy. I don’t think I’ve even seen him lose the ball.

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