CTR 360 Maestri II: Take Control Andrés Iniesta: Nike Soccer

CTR 360 Maestri II: Take Control Andrés Iniesta: Nike Soccer

In the heart of the action. That’s where you’ll find Andrés Iniesta. And the new Nike CTR 360 Maestri II. Built to take whatever the game throws at you. From whatever angle. Then turn it into magic. In training. On pitch. Take Control. Oh yeah, Iniesta just happened to score the game winner in the 2010 World Cup final. Talk about taking control.


NIKE, Inc. today announced the launch of “Nike CTR 360 Maestri II: Take Control Andrés Iniesta," a new digital film featuring global football star Andres Iniesta showcasing his playmaker skills and mastery of the midfield wearing the new CTR 360 Maestri II boots, to set up his teammates for numerous scoring chances.

The viewer is drawn into the heat and intensity of the midfield battleground, with Andres Iniesta always at the heart of the action seamlessly transitioning between control-orientated training drills and fast paced game situations. Incisive passing and link play with FC Barcelona teammates Eric Abidal and Thiago is interspersed with pinpoint accuracy receiving and distributing the ball at speed.

As the action unfolds, we’re reminded of Iniesta’s athletic grace, his precise control, and ability to be quicker and sharper with the ball than the opposition, always primed to make that killer pass and take control of the game.

“In a packed midfield time and space is at a premium, so tight control and that extra second to make a game changing pass is key to my success,” said Andres Iniesta. “The CTR 360 Maestri II gives me great control on the ball and the confidence to create opportunities that unlock the opposition defence and ultimately win games.”