Iniesta – The Killer Pass

In the video below, it looks like Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta might just keep the ball moving to the outside, just switch the ball nice and easy, keep possession of the ball, but he sees Pedro making a great run and threads the needle through to him with a fantastic pass.

From there, Pedro’s first touch is perfect, not stopping the ball right under his feet but controlling the soccer ball out in front so he can strike the ball with his next step. Casillas can’t save this one.

If you ever wanted to learn how to make that killer pass, that goal scoring pass, the ones that attacking midfielders must make, then watch Iniesta in the video below. If you want to see what a good first touch looks like in the final third of the field, check out Pedro’s calm control.

Here’s just a few of Iniesta’s amazing killer passes when he played for Barcelona. What is a killer pass in soccer? It’s a pass in behind the defense, so that the defenders are chasing back facing their own goal. It’s a pass that puts the attacking player running at goal with an open chance to score or assist someone else.

And here’s the best of Iniesta versus Real Madrid.