Interview with DirtyTackle’s Brooks Peck

Brooks Peck writes one of the cleverest and funniest soccer blogs on the web, and it’s no wonder Yahoo Sports scooped him up and brought him over to their family to write about the odder aspects of the game, from of course, dirty tackles, to Dimitar Berbatov is…The Continental, Artur Boruc’s Rage List, Random musings of footballers before they fall asleep, and Landon Donovan’s Epic Broportions.

A majority of his soccer posts are tagged as ‘nosense’, but they’re Simpsons like funny and smart. You get the idea that Brooks Peck could make anything funny and it won’t be too long before someone like Conan O’Brien is calling to have him help write sketches for his new show.

Too much praise? Well, could be, but he’s pretty damn funny. What’s more, since he’s moved to Yahoo Sports, and now reaches a wider audience, some folks don’t get his humor, and seem to take great offense, and don’t hold back in saying so in the comments section. Now, not just his blog, but the comments have become part of the spectacle.

1) How long have you be writing the soccer blog DirtyTackle? How did you get started?

Carter and I started DT around the end of October 2008 mostly because we had ideas on how to do a football blog that no one else was really doing and partly because I once had a dream that running a football blog would become the most prestigious occupation in the world sometime around the year 2032.

2) Did you play soccer growing up and for how long…in youth leagues, college, or beyond?

I did play, but not for very long. I say it was because I was simply too good. Others say it was because I preferred kicking opponents to kicking the ball.

3) What part of the globe do you live in?

The part with the most prisons.

4) If you weren’t writing about soccer what would you be doing?

Selling personal services for a very competitive rate. Or writing about non-footballers who hate corn.

5) Any rules changes that FIFA needs to make to improve the game?

Banning themselves.

6) If you could live the life of one professional soccer player who would it be?

Dimitar Berbatov.

7) What WAG would you like to meet and live with and go shopping with?

I feel like answering this question could get me convicted of several crimes.

8) Any World Cup predictions for 2010?

Aruba will win it all and Zidane will headbutt somebody.

9) What’s your favorite movie of all time?

The Godfather, Memento, Murder My Sweet, F for Fake, and The Party.

10) What do you like best about writing for Yahoo? Any tricky things related to the new and much bigger audience? Has Yahoo pulled any posts?

I like that more people are reading our nonsense. Tricky aspects include dealing with people who don’t understand what we do at DT or as members of a non-cave dwelling society. The only post they’ve pulled is the rage list the week after Artur’s father died. So far.

Read DirtyTackle and Brooks Peck at Yahoo Sports.