Isco’s Head Too Big…?

Is Real Madrid midfielder Isco’s head too big? No. Not at all really. A scout thought his head was too big though…

This story is really hard to believe, perhaps it’s actually fake news. But it’s been said that a Manchester United scout thought Isco’s head was too big for his body and that’s partly why they didn’t try to sign him.

Manchester United scouted Isco when he was playing for Malaga, but they said he wasn’t good enough for United. And that Isco’s head was too big for his body – a very odd thing to say about a soccer player with as much skill as Isco. But this story has been going around the Internet, as things like that do.

“He’s good, but not quite quick enough and his head is too big for his body,” was the verdict on the then 21-year-old playmaker.

After Isco scored two goals in a World Cup qualifier versus Italy, I don’t think teams really care how big Isco’s head is if he can keep scoring goals. Today, Isco is becoming Real Madrid and Spain’s key midfielder, maybe his head will get a little bigger along with his paycheck – deservedly so though.