Javier Chicharito Panenka

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Javier Chicharito Panenka

MUST-WATCH: Javier “Chicharito” Hernández goes for the Panenka against Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Chicharito’s panenka isn’t quite as pressure filled as Zidane’s panenka in the World Cup final but he puts the soccer ball in the back of the net with equal coolness.

The question for Chicharito is will he get called up for the World Cup in Qatar for Mexico? He certainly should be what with the form he is in right now and how he’s scoring goals for the LA Galaxy.

Watch the Chicharito panenka penalty kick in the video below.

Not sure Chicharito is teaching the panenka to youth soccer players at their camps. Hopefully he is.

LA Galaxy Youth Soccer Camps

Just looking at Chicharito’s goal totals so far for the LA Galaxy, he’s nearly exceeded his totals goals scored when he played for Manchester United. Chicharito scored 37 goals for United and he’s up to 29 thus far for the Galaxy after just 55 games.

For all the soccer teams Chicharito has played for in his professional career his highest goal totals comes from his days in Manchester. And he said he’d return there and play for free if asked! Imagine Cristiano and Chicharito up top together. It’s probably more likely for Cristiano to come and play in Los Angeles with the Galaxy rather than the reverse.

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