Where Will Manchester United Finish

Is now the time to bet on Manchester United? The talk now is as though Manchester United will finish in the bottom four and not nearly close to the top four, but what if they do finish in the top four? What if they make a dramatic turn around at the club? If you’re going to place a bet on this soccer team now is the time to do it when they’re so hated. It would be a sort of Leicester City like run. Imagine the moment they would get if they went on a winning streak….it could happen, right!

The Manchester United club itself is worth around $2 billion according to their current stock price of about $13 a share. I guess you could buy the stock instead of placing a bet but the odds of a turn around in the team are probably better placed through a wager than a stock purchase. The long odds better evident in a bet let’s say.

What would have to happen for the team to reach the top four and Champions League play. A lot.

I mean what’s the solution to Manchester United’s problems? Is it the signing of Frenkie de Jong? I don’t think so. And Frenkie seemed to see that Manchester had a sort of curse about it still and didn’t want to join anyway.

Is the demoting of Harry Maguire as captain and in the back in line an answer? Maybe. I was under the wrong assumption that Maguire was part of the Leicester City EPL winning side but he was signed by Leicester after their incredible title winning season. Maguire might just be too slow in the back and poor at reading the game.

The signing of Raphael Varane hasn’t helped so far either. Although due to injuries he hasn’t really had much of a chance to settle in.

Is it an overhaul of their style of play that could get them back on form. New manager Erik ten Hag wants to play like his Ajax teams, possession from out of the back, but maybe United have to have a more direct style of play until they regain their confidence and win a few football matches.

The current team is full of former Ajax players along with their coach. One player though that should get more time since he has some fight in him is Donny van de Beek.

They are not longer feared as a team. There is no Alex Ferguson time at the end of games.

Is the solution Cristiano Ronaldo leaving? Ronaldo scores goals. I don’t think he’s the problem unless you want to completely go to an out right young squad. It does seem like players are maybe intimidated by him at times and feel like they have to pass him the ball.

Famously Jose Mourinho said finishing second with Manchester United was his best achievement. That seems more relevant than ever today.

“If I tell you, for example, that I consider one of the best jobs of my career was to finish second with Manchester United in the Premier League, you will say, ‘this guy is crazy,'” Mourinho said. “‘He won 25 titles and he is saying that a second position was one of his best achievements?'”

“I keep saying this because people don’t know what is going on behind the scenes.

“And sometimes we, in this side of the cameras, analyse things with a different perspective.”

Maybe a new goalkeeper is the solution to Manchester United’s problems. David de Gea has been inconsistent to say the least and his two errors against Brentford led to their defeat.

And you have to feel bad for Christian Eriksen, in what was a script of a return to Brentford where he played last season became a nightmare. Eriksen is a possession player when United need a player who will drive at defenders with the ball. I guess Pogba is happy is now playing in Italy for Juventus, right.

Chicharito has even offered to play for United for free. Anthony Martial is a player though that’s returning from injury and should get more playing time. And it’s surprising that  Jesse Lingard was let go since he was one player who could help United create more goals and score goals. United have plenty of talent and players both young and old, it’s just finding the right core group and keeping them in the lineup.

What about Rooney? I think he could manage the side and certainly bring some fire to the sidelines. A hand shake problem would be the least of the EPL’s worries. I don’t think Conte would play any game with Rooney.

Getting back to the bet though. The risk reward might just warrant a small wager on Manchester United turning around their season. A top four finish by Manchester United from a last place finish. That’s a turnaround season.