Jens Lehmann Urinates During Soccer Game

When you have to go you have to go, right. This has to be one of the funniest things that’s happened in professional soccer in some time. And, I’m guessing, this might just happen more often than we think. But I don’t know how Lehmann pulled it off, how he was able to urinate while the game was going on. He could have been scored on while he was trying to pee.

In the video clip below, it looks like Lehmann has to hustle back before the soccer ball makes its way into his half of the field. He must really had to go or was maybe feeling like his team wasn’t going to lose the ball and there wasn’t much danger of the other team entering the attacking area of the field.

No stage fright for him either, as Lehmann relieves himself behind the goal in front of something like 40,000 people. Well played Lehmann, well played. And at least there was a wall of advertisements to shield him and give him so privacy! When you got to go you to to go. At least Lehmann went behind the advertising boards! I mean Lehmann could have peed on the field when the ball was up in the attacking area or something.

This wasn’t just some friendly game for the Stuttgart keeper either. It was a Champions League match against Romanian side Unirea Urzicen. I wonder if he would have done this while at Arsenal? All that really mattered though was Stuttgart won the game 3-1 and moved into the knock out stages of the Champions League. They are struggling in the Bundesliga – the fans blocking their bus before a match.

Lehmann was interrupted by an attack from the Romanian side, meaning he had to jump back over the advertising signage before suffering the embarrassment of a conceded goal or a yellow card for leaving the pitch without permission.

Stuttgart’s director of sport Horst Heldt was quoted in the Guardian praising Lehmann for his handling of the sticky situation.

“I thought he handled it very expertly,” he said. “It was a tricky situation. He could hardly run into the dressing room while play was going on and it reminded me of the Tour de France – sometimes there are simply no options.”