UCLA’s Jessie Fleming Has Soccer Skills

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Who is Jessie Fleming? She’s a soccer player who has some skills to say the least. Yes, it’s clear that UCLA’s Fleming has a bright future in the women’s game.

This is a soccer move or trick that you’d see Neymar or Ronaldinho try to pull off. Or better yet, it’s a move that surely Tobin Heath would love to try. Fleming is a Canadian international who just happens to want to play college soccer instead of turning pro.

Fleming will be joined by U.S. women’s international Mal Pugh at UCLA too, so you can bet this team would give some pro teams a run for their money or at least beat them on moves and tricks department. Below Fleming pulls the ball back off of her foot to go around a defender. It’s just a move you don’t often see in a real game, it’s more for pick ups soccer games and joking around before practice. Amazing skill and guts to try this move in a game. Take a look.

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