Ji Yun Nam Goal Versus Brazil

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Ji Yun Nam Goal Versus Brazil

Ji Yun Nam goal: This was a quality goal by Nam, who is now a hero in North Korea. His first touch was marvelous and then he waited for Brazilian keeper Cesar to go down to the near post just a little beat and beat him by striking the ball up high. Take a look at Ji Yun Nam’s goal versus Brazil. There’s a nicely played long ball which is headed down to Ji Yun Nam and then he dribbles right towards goal before smashing the ball past the Brazilian goalkeeper.

Ji Yun-Nam (born 20 November 1976) is a North Korean international soccer player, who currently plays for April 25 in the North Korean 1st division. Ji Yun Nam scored the first goal of the 2010 FIFA World Cup against Brazil in the 89th minute. North Korea can be proud of this goal scored against Brazil.

Where is Ji Yun Nam today? What is he doing? Is he still involved with soccer? Perhaps he’s a coach associated with the North Korean football team. Football or if you want to call it soccer has the ability to bring people and countries together. One would wish that North Korea could come out of their sort of shell as a country, open up and change via soccer or sport in general.

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