Jimmy Ball Soccer Training Ball

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Jimmy Ball
What is a jimmy ball training ball exactly? Kenny Cooper just signed with 1860 Munich and scored on his debut, does he owe it all to the ‘Jimmy Ball’? I wonder how much he made doing the soccer ad…but really, the Jimmy ball is a useful soccer training tool, especially for working on your weaker foot and juggling.

And it’s an excellent tool for practicing volleys when you’re just starting out. For very young kids just starting out the jimmy ball training tool is a good way to get them comfortable with the soccer ball.

Jimmy Ball Soccer Technique Training Ball: The best soccer training ball in the world. Develop soccer skill, soccer technique, footwork, coordinations, balance, soft touch, agility. All sizes, All levels, and all ages, one of a kind. Watch the video below to learn more about this training too as demonstrated by Kenny Cooper.

MLS’s Kenny Cooper uses it and says it is the best training ball in the world. “I scored with a part of my foot I have never used before, one day after using the Jimmy Ball! It is a great tool and FUN!” Kenny Cooper Junior, 2008 MLS FC Dallas MVP, 2008 MLS Best 11 Team, MLS Golden Boot Runner Up with 18 Goals in 2008.

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