Jimmy Jump Tries to Put Hat on World Cup Trophy

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Jimmy Jump, who is more know for racing across the field during the soccer game, especially Champion League matches, tries to put a hat on the World Cup trophy prior to the World Cup final. It’s a nice punch/grab by the security guard. How did they let him get through though? I guess facial recognition isn’t working just yet.

“I arrived to Tambo Johannesburg airport dressed as a priest and I told them “I have a mission: Touch the World Cup trophy”, and I did it in Soccer City Stadium. The next day i was free from the jail and I celebrated with my African friends. Salta salta!!”
Here’s a great picture of Jimmy Jump trying to put his hat on the World Cup trophy.

Jimmy Jump runs on to the pitch from the other side of the field. I think he’s going to spend quite a long time in jail for this one or at least pay a huge fine. You’ve got to admire the guts though.

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