John Terry Tells Cheryl to Call Him

Former England national team captain John Terry dated his best friend Wayne Bridge’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, why not date another teammate’s ex-girl? That’s what this genius sign is saying below.

JT is just saying Ashley Cole’s now ex-wife, Cheryl, should give him a call or at least send him a text. What’s the problem? She’s available now, who cares if they play on the same club team, Cole has a broken foot right now anyway. It’s all good. Cole won’t trip. Bridge will get over it and come back to the English national team. He wouldn’t miss the World Cup for this would he?

That was quite a fine that was handed down by Roman Abramovich. He fined Ashley Cole close to $600,000 after Cole cheated on his wife with five different women. Nobody fined Tiger Woods? The Chelsea owner doesn’t want the image of his team tarnished anymore. He’s laying down the law, but did he fine John Terry? Don’t think so.

I’m not sure who posted the sign on the side of the road, but it was genius:

An unknown fan hung this banner up near Cheryl Cole’s home in Surrey, saying: “Cheryl call me, love JT xxx”.

The prankster was poking fun at Ashley Cole’s Chelsea team mate after he allegedly had an affair with one of his other team mate’s former girlfriends, Vanessa Paroncel.

All eyes will be on Wayne Bridge and John Terry this weekend as Manchester City visits Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea. Bridge has already told England coach, Capello, that he doesn’t want to play for the national team since Terry is in the side. However, some are saying with the injury to Ashley Cole they might get Bridge to reconsider.

But this weekend Terry and Bridge could meet up in the penalty box, when there’s a corner kick. Terry running up to try and knod home a goal and Bridge trying to head the ball away. You might even see Bridge marking Terry or vice versa. The two going up for a header. Do you think we’ll see a few elbows flying on Bridge’s part? Will Bridge’s ex-wife attend the match?

Will the two shake hands prior to the game? And you thought there was a lot of drama when Tevez made his first appearance for Manchester City when they played Manchester United.

Things couldn’t fall into place any better in terms of the scheduling, as the game happens to be on ESPN2 in HD this Saturday. Should be quite a match, and maybe even some more signs like the one above posted up around the stadium by the Manchester City fans.