Johnny Evans Karate Kicks Drogba

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Evans Karate Kicks Drogba

Johnny Evans goes up for the header and kicks Drogba in the chest. Actually, it’s more like a karate kick that Eric Cantona and Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be impressed by. The referee gave Drogba a yellow card, thinking he was making something out of nothing when in fact it really was something and Evans should have received a red card.

I guess that’s what Drogba gets, the old boy who cried wolf story. Drogba so often dramatizes a hard challenge that the referees don’t believe him anymore. I’m surprised though they didn’t go back and look at this and give Evans at least a one or two game suspension.

The hit to the chest was so bad it’s going to keep Drogba out of the Ivory Coast’s World Cup qualifier against Guinea.

I’m sure there will be some pay back the next time these two face one another. Nemanja Vidic, on the sidelines, is pleased to see the karate kick to Drogba’s chest. It’s really a Cantona worthy kick to the chest. Drogba might have bruised a few ribs, which is very painful. Take a look at the Evans karate kick via the video below. From far away you can’t tell he kicks him…but up close it’s clear.

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