Eddie Johnson Signs with Fulham

I’m surprised the deal went through. I’ve never really been that high on Eddie Johnson. His touch and skill level just don’t seem to be there or aren’t as natural as say Jozy Altidore, who has the ability to go at players. But this will certainly force him to adapt quickly—and he’s got the size and pace. Who knows, he could become a smooth forward that slots home the goals he should. He overcame a lot last year and scored a lot of goals.

Johnson is also united with his partner in crime Clint Dempsey—he must be very happy even though I don’t think they’ll find any barbecue spots like they did in this video.

Following a hearing at a tribunal held in London earlier today, Fulham Football Club is pleased to announce that Eddie Johnson has been granted a work permit. The US international striker has signed a three-and-a-half year deal from The MLS that will see him remain at the Club until the summer of 2011.  Via Fulham

The thing that’s more interesting about this team and Johnson’s signing is the potential signing of Litmanen, and how that will help Dempsey and Johnson grow as players. Litmanen is a genius of a player and both players will learn a lot from him.  The Finnish footballer has played at Ajax (where he’s a legend), Liverpool, and Barcelona.

He’s the forward they need to sign in order to avoid the drop.  But if he too is brought on board the American forwards would have the potential to pick up a few things from this legend but will also cut in on their time on the pitch, or more so Eddie Johnson’s I’d say.

“I’m very optimistic he can help us in the relegation battle,” the English Premier League club’s manager Roy Hodgson said in a statement. “Jari Litmanen is a world class professional and still has a lot to give at the top level.”

Litmanen, who turns 37 next month, has played for Ajax Amsterdam, Barcelona, Liverpool and Malmo but is currently without a club. Hodgson took over at struggling Fulham in December after failing to steer Finland to Euro 2008.  Read more…

As far as signings, there are no forwards in European football who are scoring goals that Fulham could have signed?  My only guess is that the price is just too high and American players are cheaper.